HTC Code Errors

Please check the following if you received an error message:

- Make sure you typed the code carefully

- Verify that the information you gave us is 100% correct (these includes IMEI, Model and Carrier).

- If your phone is asking for SIM PIN password, then your phone is asking for a different code located on your sim card.

- Make sure you are using a GSM sim card.  Sim cards from Verizon and Sprint do not work on unlocked phones.

Code Error appears after unlock code is dialed in

Please verify and send the following information to

1- Exact network provider and country your phone is locked to

2- Exact model of your phone

3- IMEI of the phone. Dial *#06# to verify.

4- Exact message you receive when dialing the unlock code

5- Unlock code you used in your attempt to unlock your phone